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The Enironment & Energy Task Force works to provide Long Islanders with safe, reliable and competitive forms of energy. This task force is an advocate for the development of Federal and State statutes that will provide energy tax credits for the small business owner and the homeowners of Long Island. The task force is charged with examining and supporting the development of cost effective independent power generating facilities. Currently, the Energy & Environmental task force is working hand in hand with the Transportation task force developing a conference on “Long Island: Reducing our Carbon Footprint.”


Energy & Environment Task Force Initiatives:

  • Work to develop increased and additional individual and business Energy Tax Credits
  • Monitor the LIPA Management Services Agreement bid process to ensure the best deal for LI ratepayers.
  • Support the continuation of LIPA as an independent public authority and encourage LIPA to: Retain ownership of the T&D system and keep “energy highway” open for competitive purposes
  • Purchase power from the lowest priced competitive provider
  • Obtain competitive bids to purchase capacity from alter-native energy generating facilities
  • Encourage LIPA to build energy efficient ratepayer owned power plants.
  • Implement a Certified Organic Farming Program for Long Island Farmers
  • Encourage & Promote cost effective alternative Energy Projects
  • Study the development of wind and wave turbines on LI
  • Support clean, renewable energy
  • Address Climate Change
  • Improve waste management on LI